Style Icons

Inspiration is a major factor in my life, as is fashion. The latter would not exist without the former. I’ve grown to love this industry because I am surrounded by an immense amount of inspiration that motivates me to not only look my best, but be my best.

Solonge Knowles

Solonge has long been one of my favorite style icons– from afro-to-toe, this 90s goddess, gives me all sorts of life! I love her free spirit, and fun and upbeat fashion that constantly inspires me to break out of the “every color is the new black” syndrome and channel my inner 90s child.

CC Image courtesy of Joshua Mellin on Flickr

CC Image courtesy of Joshua Mellin via Flickr

Frank Yang

CC Image courtesy of Frank Yang via Flickr


CC Image courtesy of EventPhotosNYC via Flickr

N’Jeri A.

This girl just exudes beauty. From every professional shot to the selfies taken from her job at the DC Style Factory, N’Jeri screams sporty-chic and I’m all about it! Not to mention, I’m a huge fan of natural beauty, so the effortless, endless curls only add to her iconic style. As a stylist, she knows how to put together an outfit, but as an Arsty Junkie, she most definitely knows to wear one!



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