Next Stop? Thrift Shop!

If you’re like me, you have more clothes than you probably know what to do with. And, if you’re like me, you’d rather buy more garment racks and dressers than get rid of them. Luckily, there’s this beautiful thing called consignment where stores will literally pay you cash on the spot for your used clothes.




Good things to know…fun way to show!

I recently visited Buffalo Exchange–one of my favorite consignment stores–to sell and trade the clothes I no longer wear.

I was first introduced to Buffalo Exchange in Charlotte, in an art district called NoDa. Now I’m in NYC where there are five different locations which means five different chances to sell and walk away with extra cash in my pocket.

I recently sold to the store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, though the process is the same at each location:

–They ask for a government issued I.D. and your phone number to put you in the system and keep track of your past sales.

–The store’s buyer then proceeds to take a look at each of your items. They take into consideration noticeable wear, the season of the garment or pair of shoes, the condition of the item (does the zipper work; are the straps stretched, etc.), and whether or not they already have an abundance of A.A. jellies, maxi skirts, or whatever else you brought in. It helps when you familiarize yourself with the stores where you’re planning to sell.


The process!

–They talk you through the process as they investigate and, if they’re nice buyers, they’ll even tell you reasons why they won’t take certain things. Sometimes, they just need to be ironed or lint-brushed. Make sure you’re selling clothes that look like things you would buy off the rack.

–If they like an item and want to buy it from you, they’ll mark the price that they want to sell it for and tell you, “$18.50 for these Cheap Monday jeans.” However they price the item, you’ll automatically be eligible for 30% of the selling price.

–When they’re done looking through, they’ll offer you 30% in cash for the things that they bought, or 15% more in store credit (that’s how they get you). If you sold with the intentions of buying, then store credit is definitely a win!

–BONUS: they refold all of your clothes as they go through them, which is great; most places just throw them back into the bag!

–BONUS, BONUS: If you didn’t get to sell everything, don’t be discouraged! Just take it to another location who may really need your A.A. jellies and maxi skirts! Consigning in neighborhoods like Williamsburg is a major plus. Art districts are known for their thrift and consignment shops. Just make a day out of selling your clothes!

This week, I consigned with two other friends. This can be dangerous because while they’re busy selling, you’re eyes start wandering.


My weakness


It doesn’t hurt to look around, but while you’re window-shopping, be sure to take note of all the styles you see so that you can familiarize yourself with what the stores are buying, and what you could potentially sell during your next closet purge.

Buffalo Exchange accepts lightly used men’s and women’s clothes, shoes, outerwear and accessories–jewelry, hats, scarves and bags.

Here are some other great consignment shops to check out:

Williamsburg: Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading Co.The Clothes TreeBeacon’s Closet

All of NYCFox & Fawn, A Second Chance, Ina, Stock Vintage

xoxo, Kai


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