$ I get it from my Mama $

I come from a generation of money-saving people. I grew up in a house where we learned not to spend every dollar we made and I’m thankful to my mom, especially, for educating me on the many ways I can essentially keep way more than I earn. I figured it’d be selfish of me to keep all of this valuable knowledge to myself so I took some time to interview my mom, Jennice, on some of the things that I’ve picked up from over the years.
image1 (3)

One of my favorite pictures with my mom from a few years back

Kai: Who inspired you to be so frugal?
Jennice: My mom talked me into living frugally because she’d always instilled in us that you work for what you get and “a penny saved is a penny earned.”
K: What tips do you have for people who may not have the encouragement to want to save money?
J: Start small and you will be amazed at the amount that you acquire.  Once you realize that, you’ll be encouraged to save even more! Remember, “inch by inch is a cinch.”
K: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about saving money?
J: Well I guess as the old adage says “put something away for a rainy day.” The older and more mature I got, I’ve definitely had my share of rainy days and it’s always good to know that there were some savings there to get me through.
K: What’s your best budgeting method for people who may be saving for something really big?
J: I would say the best budgeting method would be starting with like dollar a day or even 50 cents per day which your bank can set up with you directly. For younger children who get an allowance, like you [Kai] used to do, use the envelope method– separate your earnings into categorized envelopes and only pull from the respective ones when spending money.
K: How do you resist the temptation of splurging?
J: At first it can be difficult at times, however, I  try not to find myself in situations where I will be tempted to splurge. For instance, if I’m by myself in a mall or retail store, I will go directly to the clearance rack and not hang out by the items in store that are new and not discounted at all. I am also willing to shop out of season.
When I want to splurge with food, I will go out with a friend and share an expensive meal or do half-priced apps, 2 for 1 deals, restaurant week, etc.
K: Where did the idea of “save your receipts” come from?
J:  *laughter* Because I enjoy shopping so much, so whenever I would have an opportunity to benefit from a price adjustment or just decided that what I bought was not worth it or not what I needed, I would have just the right thing for a no-hassle return. Especially if I found it somewhere else cheaper!
K: What’s the best deal you’ve ever gotten? 
J:  That’s a tough question! I get so many good deals that I really can’t say what my best deal ever was. I’d have to say when our family giving up our airlines seats because the flight was over booked in exchange for 4 round trip tickets that were worth 400 dollars each. We only would’ve had to have hung out in the airport for a couple of
hours to take the next flight. It was definitely worth it!
K: So I know you’re like the thrift store junkie, but do you have a favorite thrift store?
J:  Any thrift store is my favorite! I always take into consideration which ones have a standard price for each article of clothing as opposed to pricing according to what they may consider more quality or more valuable.
Consignment stores are always great too because you can trade in your stuff and use the money that you’ve earned to spend on what there they have in their inventory.
K: Do you like to tell people about your money-saving secrets?
J: I do share because I’m excited about my finds and deals. Also, I know that my friends and family shop in different places and we’re different shapes & sizes so hunting for great deals won’t be a competition among us. *laughter*
Also, with some close friends and family, we will pick up items that we know others would like because the prices are always so low!
K: Where are five places anyone can go to get a good deal?
  • Matinee movies which run about $4.50-$5 depending on the city, or better yet, the dollar theater!
  • Outlet malls and stores–you’ll find the same things you do in the mall but for so much less.
  • Getting full-hour massages at your local massage schools will only cost you between $25-35/hr.
  • The hop-on hop-off sightseeing buses in major cities where you pay once and can get on or off as much as you’d like without having to pay for a cab.
  • And, as always, thrifting. It may be a little time-consuming but the pieces that you walk away with are one of a kind. Make the investment!

xoxo, Kai


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