Full Wallet, Full Closet: The Mystery is Solved

As much as I love the idea of saving money, I can’t lie, shopping is my ultimate weakness. Anyone who knows me, knows that I can’t resist a good clearance rack or free shipping with NO MINIMUM! I’ve found some steals over the years and if you look inside my closet, you’d wonder where I found the money to buy some of the goodies I’ve accumulated.

I’m grateful to have discovered so many ways to buy the super-cute things that I’m into for a fraction of the cost. From consignment stores to online buying and selling communities, I’ve saved so much money which, thankfully, allows me to continue feeding my habit.

I’ve decided to incorporate my love for fashion and frugality and show you guys just how much money I’ve saved.

Take a look at these comparisons:


$199 Retail


Prom Dress, AliExpress: $90


$99 Retail


Denim UNIF Jacket, Urban Outfitters Clearance Rack: $5


$130 Retail

image1 (2)

Classic Black Timberlands, Pratt Free & For Sale Facebook Page: $15


$78 Retail


Blue AA Easy Jeans, Pratt Free & For Sale Facebook Page: $15


Burgundy AA Easy Jeans, American Apparel Outlet- SoHo: $20


$90 Retail


Red and Blue Birki’s, Goodwill: $3.50 each

Among these five items alone, I’ve saved $434. Just imagine what my entire closet is made of!

xoxo, Kai


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